Windows 7, Exchange 2010, SBS 2011, Office 2010 End of Life

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You may remember a couple of years ago, with the End of Life Support for Windows XP, and more recently Windows Vista.  Well Jan 14 2020, means no more support and end of life for Windows 7, Office 2010, Small Business Server 2011 and Exchange 2010 from Microsoft ends January 14, 2020.

But what does this actually mean for you as a business?

Windows 7

exchange 2010






Microsoft Office 2010


small business server 2011



No more updates

Microsoft will stop releasing updates for these products. While you may think ‘yes, no more sitting around installing all those updates’, it’s actually bad news. Your systems will be left at risk, more vulnerable, open to infection and cyber attacks. Remember the NHS attack in 2017?.

They were running outdated, unpatched Windows software. Could your business afford such downtime and possible financial loss, not to mention breaking the dreaded GDPR regulations?.

New software and hardware may not work

As Microsoft ends support, so will other software vendors. Google no longer support Google Chrome on anything older than Windows 7.  Most antivirus vendors no longer support older operating systems as it’s becoming increasingly more complex to support these older systems.  Also Sage have stopped supporting anything older than Windows 7, meaning you may not be compliant with HMRC rules and regulations.  You will no longer be able to buy a new off the shelf printer or software and expect it to work automatically.


You are probably sick of GDPR, but part of GDPR compliance is reducing risks by keeping software up to date.  If your company suffered a data breach and it was down to out of date software, you could face fines of up to €20 million, or 4% annual global turnover – whichever is higher due to none compliance.

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