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Could I Crack Your Password?

One of the most common ways hackers find their way into businesses is by brute force cracking passwords. This is where they try millions of variations of simple words, characters and numbers.  Even if you think your passwords are secure and unguessable, what about your staff? Are you sure there’s no-one using Password1234 to access critical systems? We’ve created a […]

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Is your laptop too hot to put on your lap and sounds like a jet engine?

Is Your Laptop Overheating, Running Hot and Loud? Laptop computers commonly heat up a little in normal operation.? Electronic components, including large capacity batteries, become warm in use.? Your laptop should never become too hot to handle though. When a laptop turns hot to the touch or starts to sound like a jet engine, it’s […]

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How To Spot A Tech Scam Before You Get Stung

If your computer had a virus, you’d want to know about it ASAP, right? Before your important files become corrupted, you lose your photos and your digital life is essentially destroyed. Even thinking about it is terrifying. Tech scammers know we’d be lost without our computers, and that we don’t always know what’s going on […]

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