Data Transfer From Hard Drive

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Data Transfer from your old computer to your new one, or Data Transfer from a failing hard drive.  Cadishead Computers offers a full data transfer service to your computer or laptop.  If you are in the Manchester area, and looking for a Data Transfer for what ever reason, Cadishead Computers offer an affordable Computer Repair Service.  Complete repair centre, huge parts stock, and a 1 day service.  We also offer a next day collection service using our couriers.


Have you recently purchased a new Computer or Laptop? Are you wondering what you can do about your files from your old machine?

Or has your computer crashed, and your data is still inside your computer?data transfer

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then  Cadishead Computers has the ability to effect a data transfer of all your documents these include

Documents and Settings, Music,  Pictures, Videos, Word / Excel files etc, Emails, Favourites

Using our proprietary tools, we can test your hard drive with ease, giving you complete knowledge of if your drive is safe or not.

(These tests will only tell you about the current state of your drive)

When we receive clients laptops, or desktop computers, we are amazed at the number of clients who have no form of backup in place.  This could be your precious memories, ie  pictures of lost ones, weddings, children’s photographs, college essays, university essays, homework, music, videos etc.  

No matter what the data is,  hard drives fail!.  That is a fact.  It is not a question of If it will fail, it is WHEN will it fail.

The majority of computer manufacturers partition your hard drive, so maybe you will see drive C, and drive D.  Quite often drive D is marked as Data Drive.  This is mainly due so that if your operating system should fail for what ever reason, and requires a reinstallation, you do not lose your data.  However the majority of clients, fill their C drive up, and leave the D drive empty.  If your hard drive physically fails, there is a high probability that you will lose everything.  

You may think, that you can keep your data on a USB pen, or a DVD.  This is not the answer either.

 Do NOT have a single point of failure.  Have multiple backups.

 If you only have a few word documents, then a USB pen would suffice.cadishead computers data transfer

 If you have some Word documents, and some Pictures, then you would be better off with a DVD.  

If your a music and video downloader, with Gigabytes of data, then your best off with a external hard drive.

 What you can also do, is to backup your data online via the cloud.

 There are many different companies which offer this service.  A few of them are Dropbox, Google Drive, Home PC Backup, Mozy, Carbonite.  We can setup and configure these services for you, leaving you safe in the knowledge your data will be backed up.

Call us now to transfer your data from your computer or hard drive to either your new computer, a dvd, USB flash drive, or a external hard drive.


Call us without delay on 0161 776 9785

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