Free Bit Defender Antivirus 2015, RRP £29.95, when you have your PC tune up.

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 Desktop and Laptop Computer Service (MOT).  PC tune up


Cadishead Computers are offering annual pc tune ups / service / MOT’s for your laptops, and desktop computers at a very special price of only £55.00*.  This service INCLUDES Malware removal, Spyware removal, and Virus removal!.. See below for further details.

Previously this service was £75.00, but you are saving £20.00 on this, AND we are throwing in Free of charge Bit Defender Antivirus Plus 2015!.  This alone retails at £29.95.   Check for the costings.  

With the school holidays started, now is the perfect time to have a pc tune up, and serviced ready for the next school year!. So for only £55.00 your computer will be tuned up, and any and all traces of viruses, spyware and malware will be removed.

This offer is only available during the month of August 2014, so call us NOW on 0161 776 9785 to make an appointment  to ensure that your computer is ready for the school year.

All of our pc tune ups, are completed using our own 22 point check list, therefore nothing is missed. You will also get a report, showing exactly what was completed on your machine.

Just like you might get yourself an annual medical check up to avoid or keep disease in check, an occasional pc tune up can help you avoid costly laptop repairs or desktop repairs in the future.

One of the most important aspects of a pc tune up is checking for viruses and spyware and removing them. Many people don’t realize that having anti-virus software can’t always protect them from all the onslaughts their computer is subjected to every time they open an attachment or surf the internet. 

New viruses and other malware are being developed on a daily basis for no other reason than to cause you misery both personal and financial. It is inevitable that something will get through your defences and many times only an experienced computer technician can spot the intrusion and remove it. 

Another advantage of having a regular pc tune up is to prevent laptop repairs, desktop repairs is that you’ll get back a squeaky clean computer both inside and out. Our technicians will remove the outside cover and make sure it’s free of dust and dirt. The inside of your computer will be cleaned with sterile compressed air and the blades of the circulation fan will be wiped. You’d be surprised how much dust, dirt and particulates can build up inside your computer tower even though it has a cover. Even laptops can build up gunk in their outside connections and USB ports. 

We will also advise you on upgrades that will improve the performance of your computer. You may not need any upgrades but if you do, we’ll tell you the advantages, drawbacks and cost of an upgrade. 

One of the services included in the pc tune up is checking for free manufacturer upgrades for your drivers, browser, BIOS and motherboard; if you can benefit from hardware or software upgrades we will discuss it with you. Many times people think they need laptop repairs or desktop repairs when all they really need is a free driver upgrade or an inexpensive hardware or software upgrade.

Some people, in an attempt to be frugal, skip an annual pc tune up in favour of cheap advertised software that claims to clean up and speed up their computer. DONT!.

The only things most of these programs speed up is the transfer of money from your wallet to theirs! In many cases this type of software actually slows your computer down and causes a whole new set of problems! 

In fact, you may actually need laptop repairs or desktop repairs by the time you are finished fighting with these software packages.

At Cadishead Computers we are proud of our laptop repairs and desktop repairs; if we can’t fix it, we don’t charge you.

Call or come in today to get your laptop or desktop pc tune up and enjoy increased speed and function.

Please feel free to contact us, on 0161 776 9785 or 07950 636435 and arrange an appointment for your MOT.  A complete pc tune up usually takes a full day, so please bear this in mind, when arranging your appointment.  

You can have your computer done right, or right now.  We prefer the 1st option.  If we rush, then mistakes can occur.

Payment can be made either by cash, bank transfer or debit / credit card (preferred).  Sorry we no longer take cheques.

We have many hundreds of satisfied clients, who have worked with us for years. Why don’t you be our next one.

So Don’t Delay – Call us Today! on 0161 776 9785 / 07950 636435

Remember this offer is only available for the month of August 2014.


To get your computer running at its best potential.

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