Security Terms Explained – RAM Scraping Software

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ram scraping softwareRam Scraping Software

What it means: This type of malware is designed to “scrape” your hard drive for sensitive data.
Why it matters: Just think of all the data you store on your device. From personal photos to contracts, to leasing agreements, to tax documents – there are many things that you’d never want to fall into the hands of a hacker

RAM scraping or memory-scraping malware has advanced significantly since it first became widely known via the 2010 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. Following the 2013 attack on Target in which attackers used a RAM scraper to capture credit card numbers, there has been renewed interest in the topic. While the technical aspect of malware using RAM-scraping has changed little since 2010, the overall sophistication of the attacks has increased tremendously.

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