Is It Safe To Back Up Files On My PC?

Backing up your important files is a must. You should certainly do it. But where should you save them?  We were recently asked:

Do you have a separate hard drive on your computer.  Does it read D:?  Are you POSITIVE it is an additional hard drive, and NOT a partition of your EXISTING drive?A reader asked:

Do you 'backup' your files to this D Drive?.  do you think it is a safe form of backup?.  Do you think it is immune in the case of a malware attack, a virus attack, a ransomware attack? or a physical drive failure?

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I’m assuming you’re talking about a separate internal drive. If that’s the case, the answer is, unfortunately, no.  Ransomware could still shut down your PC or a virus could still find a way to infect every drive on your device. Also, you’re not protected from a device failure.  If the power supply or motherboard go out on the PC, your files and drives could still be inaccessible.

Important files should be backed up externally. I’d also suggest backing them up off-site as well. Either use a cloud account or put them on drive and store them somewhere like a safe deposit box. The reason I suggest this is because there could be a natural disaster, fire, or theft. Any external drive stored in your home could be lost as well.



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