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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Privacy

In this issue, we talk about how to lock down your privacy settings on Facebook. And also find out how to securely store your precious digital photos. Facebook Privacy. Everything You Need to Know  Finding the balance between Facebook privacy and Facebook fun can be challenging. It’s a double-edged sword that allows us to connect […]

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Stay Safe Online

Stay safe online Whether its children accidentally straying into the dark parts of the internet or adults willingly giving away their information online, this post is all about staying safe online. Stay Safe Online – Facebook.  How to Stay Safe While Being Social People happily share their private information online, building robust libraries that can […]

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Facebook ‘Most Used Words’ game is collecting huge amounts of user data

Have you clicked on the latest of Facebook’s craze “Most Used Words”?.  If so, read on for some disturbing news. Facebooks ‘Most Used Words’ game is collecting huge amounts of user data, can sell it to whoever it wants! The Facebook app collects up information about users’ friends, too, which means that your information might […]

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