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Anti Virus Review Sites

We have recently been in discussions with a client over his Anti Virus program for a laptop. We will always recommend Bit Defender, as it is a brilliant Anti Virus Program, we use it, we trust it, and we will stand by it. A client has been looking at some Anti Virus Review sites, and […]

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Why free antivirus isn’t always the best

With all the ransomware attacks recently in the press, you may be thinking that your current antivirus program will stop you from being infected with both viruses and ransomware.  In some cases this may be true.  And there are many antivirus solutions for you to choose from, both paid and free, which could stop you from […]

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Is a free anti virus always best?

Anti Vrus Software: Choosing the best antivirus software. Free anti virus software v paid-for anti virus software Security software (Anti Virus) comes in two types – free and paid-for.  Many of the top popular anti virus programs are available in both platforms.  Paid for anti virus, and free anti virus. A vast majority of people […]

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