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How to spot a Facebook scam

How to spot a Facebook scam Like the majority of con artists, online scammers prefer to go where the crowds are.  Social networking sites like Facebook are amoungst the richest of hunting grounds for potential victims. There are many fake Facebook promotions and ‘special offer’ ads where you can be sent to sites where your […]

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How to spot a online scam – Phishing Scam

Security software: How to spot an online scam How to spot a phishing scam Phishing, (not to be confused with fishing) scams are one of the most common scams online at the moment.  The scammers impersonate legitimate websites or emails in order to try and trick you into supplying personal information, such as passwords, or […]

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Is a free anti virus always best?

Anti Vrus Software: Choosing the best antivirus software. Free anti virus software v paid-for anti virus software Security software (Anti Virus) comes in two types – free and paid-for.  Many of the top popular anti virus programs are available in both platforms.  Paid for anti virus, and free anti virus. A vast majority of people […]

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