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If you are looking for the best Virus Removal or Malware Removal Company in Irlam, Cadishead, Eccles or Manchester and the surrounding areas of Manchester, consider Cadishead Computers for your best choice. Affordable Computer Repair Service. Complete repair center. Huge parts stock! 1 Day Service.

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Do you see anything like the above picture appearing on your screen?

If you have answered YES to the above, then DO NOT pay any money from that program to remove it.

Contact us on 0161 776 9785 to remove this virus from your computer!


We provide professional & affordable virus removal, and malware removal with no hourly rates.   Viruses and malware are a challenge for any PC user but fortunately we're experts at virus removal and malware removal, and we're here to get you back up and running in no time.

Virus removalViruses and malware cause slow performance and pop-ups

Viruses and malware are an everyday issue for many PC users. Some spyware may simply cause pop-up adverts to appear constantly but others may be more harmful to either your computer, your data or more importantly your wallet!. 

Our experienced virus removal, and malware removal experts are on hand to take the stress away from any virus infection.



Is your personal information at risk?

Do you purchase items on the Internet? Do you use online banking? How sure are you that your computer is free from infection?  

Not only can viruses and spyware affect your PC's performance they can also play a lead role in proliferating identity theft and spam.  

We're the experts

Cadishead Computers are able to remove all viruses and spyware from your system, carefully and manually ensuring each one is removed correctly. 

Our 8 layered removal system enables us to detect and remove more malware than our competitors without the need to do a reinstall. We'll also help you prevent re-infection with our professional advice and antivirus solutions. 

We use a 8 stage removal process not a single scan!.

If your currently using a free anti virus program, i.e AVG, Avast etc, we will remove this, and can install a fully licenced version of either Kaspersky Anti Virus, Bit Defender or ESET Anti Virus.  (Dependant of specification of your machine, will determine which Anti Virus program we supply and install). 

We can also install Malwarebytes Professional (Again fully licenced).  This saves you time in downloading and running the malware scans.  We feel that by installing a free anti virus program, we are not giving you the best possible solution to future viruses.

 Instead by supplying and installing a paid for antivirus, we know with certainty that we have made your computer as safe and secure as we possibly can do, with the least amount of work required by you.

Furthermore, if you still become infected with a virus or malware, we will remove the virus for you FREE OF CHARGE!.  Where else could you get this service?* T&C's apply.

Do not delay – Once your computers security settings have been infected, the chances are it will be more vulnerable to Trojans, boot sector viruses and root kits.  This means your personal data could well be affected. 

Each of the scanners produce a report, which we log for you.  This will tell you, how many infections were found on your computer.virus removal manchester, malware removal manchester, cadishead computers

Our processes listed above are far more effective than using any single virus scanner, like Norton, AVG, or Mcafee.  As you would know after running these yourself, they will not remove 100% of infections, or else you wouldn't be looking at this page, and contacting us to remove a virus from your computer!.

Remember you get a 8 stage virus removal service, not a single scan.

Don't delay, Call us NOW on 0161 776 9785

for a professional, affordable removal of any viruses / spyware on your computer!

* T&C's, as long as you have followed our safe browsing habits, and have not intentionally installed a virus / malware on your machine.  First virus removal will be free of charge.  Should you subsequently still become infected, we will have to back up your data, and reformat your machine.  This will be done as a final resort.  (This will be chargeable).

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