Why free antivirus isn’t always the best

With all the ransomware attacks recently in the press, you may be thinking that your current antivirus program will stop you from being infected with both viruses and ransomware.  In some cases this may be true.  And there are many antivirus solutions for you to choose from, both paid and free, which could stop you from being infected with ransomware.  However with free antivirus, you get what you pay for, as with anything. Most free antivirus solutions offer you very little protection from real threats; most of the infected computers we see, aren’t actually infected with a traditional computer virus, but malware and unwanted software (PUPs).

Most free antivirus solutions do not protect you from these, and they can sometimes slow down your computer. The free antivirus solutions may also lack some of the advanced features that you find in a paid product.

With a paid antivirus solution, you can get features that stop not only virus infections, but also malware and PUPs. Some solutions even come with a firewall to help protect you from network intrusions, and also help protect you from fraud.

However, not all paid antivirus solutions are the same. Some are better at detecting and blocking infections than others and also use less resources, meaning they won’t slow down your computer. We recommend Bitdefender Gravity Zone.  It isn't your usual anti-virus, it encompasses much more besides.  Bit Defender is consistently top of independent tests, resource friendly and they also offer solutions for every budget.

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