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Cadishead Computer’s Frequently Asked Questions

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[accordions][accordion title=”Is my data safe with you?”]

  • We take the issue of data protection extremely seriously and adhere to the criteria set out in the 1988 Data Protection Act.
  • Rest assured that your data will be treated with the utmost privacy and respect.
  • Before undertaking any major repair on your computer we endeavour to back-up your data beforehand. Compare this approach to many high-street outlets that don’t have the time to do this.
  • We encourage customers to regularly back-up their data files. It is best to adopt a dual strategy – i.e. back-up files manually and digitally. We can offer free advice on back-up systems.


[accordion title=”What is your hourly rate for repairs and upgrades?”]

  • We do not operate an hourly rate for workshop based repairs.
  • We will assess your problem and then provide you with a fixed price quotation. It does not matter how long we take to mend your computer – the price will remain the same.
  • This same policy applies to upgrades and other services. We will evaluate the job and price it accordingly.
  • You will not be charged if we cannot identify what is wrong with your computer.
  • For call-out repairs (where we travel to your home/business) we charge £45 per hour.


[accordion title=”Do you sell computer components? – Will you supply parts for my repair??”]

  • We stock basic components associated with common PC problems. These are usually inexpensive items and mean your computer can be repaired immediately.
  • For a more sophisticated repair – e.g. replacing a drive – we order the necessary component from one of our online partners. The component usually arrives the next day.
  • For very expensive parts we may ask for a deposit. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do you build or supply computers?”]

  • We are experts at refurbishing computers, and have an excellent variety of PCs and laptops.
  • You will find these models to be competitively priced, with a higher spec than brand new computers of comparable price.
  • We are also skilled at building bespoke computers based around your needs. Just tell us what you are planning to do with the computer (e.g. editing videos) and we will build something appropriate. Your computer needs to be ‘fit for purpose’.
  • It is important to have a bespoke computer if you are using it for a specific role.



[accordion title=”Do you offer an express service or equivalent?”]

  • We do, but the rate for this service is higher.
  • We can work evenings/overnight to make sure your computer is returned to you immediately.
  • Have a think before requesting an express service. We offer a quick turnaround anyway, and most jobs are completed within a day.
  • If you have an emergency, we are a brilliant choice.




[accordion title=”Do you repair laptops?”]

  • Our engineers are highly skilled at dealing with laptops.
  • We can usually identify and fix problems quickly. You will find our rates to be a fraction of what major retailers demand.
  • If your problem is to do with the motherboard then please speak to us first. We can usually fix the problem easily, without charging you the earth.


[accordion title=”How long will a repair take?”]

  • It really depends on what is wrong with your computer.
  • Most issues can be resolved quickly.
  • 90% of computers are returned on the same day
  • If your computer needs specific parts that we have to order, then the process will obviously take longer.
  • We have preferential terms with our suppliers. This means parts are usually delivered the next day.
  • We never rush a repair. Getting the job right is the most important priority.


[accordion title=”Tell me more about your no fix no fee guarentee”]

  • We offer this to all residential customers.
  • It means that if we can’t identify the problem, we will not charge you.
  • If we do identify the problem, and you decide not to go ahead with the repair, we will charge you a diagnostic fee of £20
  • Compare this approach to other firms who charge an hourly rate even if they can’t identify what is wrong.


[accordion title=”Are you the cheapest locally?”]

  • We believe ourselves to be competitively priced.
  • If you take into consideration the level of expertise we offer, the number of years we have been trading, and the testimonials we provide, it would be fair to say we offer excellent value for money.
  • Our expertise encompasses all operating systems, ranging from Windows 3.1 through to Windows 10.
  • We offer a flat rate fee for all workshop repairs. There are no hidden charges.
  • We have glowing testimonials (available on request) from a selection of residential and business customers.
  • Be very careful who you entrust your computer with. You wouldn’t use an unproven mechanic to repair your car. Likewise, it is important to pick an expert when you have IT problems.
  • Reputation is everything in IT. Feel free to ask for a customer testimonial.
  • 97% of our customers said they would use us again when completing a feedback survey.



[accordion title=”Do you offer ‘like for like’ quotations if I have been quoted cheaper elsewhere”]

  • No. We have no way of authenticating the competency of a rival engineer.
  • One thing we can guarantee is the quality of our work.






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