Data Transfer

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Data Transfer from Hard Drive, Data Transfer from Desktop Computer, Data Transfer from Laptop Computer

Have you recently purchased a new Computer or Laptop?

Are you wondering what you can do about your files from your old machine?

Or has your computer crashed, and your data is still inside your computer?data transfer

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then Cadishead Computers has the ability to effect a data transfer of all your documents these include

  • Documents and Settings – Music, Pictures, Documents, Videos etc
  • Word / Excel files, PDF’s etc
  • All your old Emails
  • All your Favourites from your browser(s), Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome


Using our proprietary tools, we can test your hard drive with ease, giving you complete knowledge of if your drive is safe or not.

(These tests will only tell you about the current state of your drive, at the time of testing)

When we receive clients laptops, or desktop computers, we are amazed at the number of clients who have no form of backup in place. This could be your precious memories, ie pictures of lost ones, weddings, children’s photographs, college essays, university essays, homework, music, videos etc.

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Call us now to transfer your data from your computer or hard drive to either your new computer, a dvd, USB flash drive, or a external hard drive.

Feel free to contact us for a quotation on your data transfer, by filling in the form below.

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