Laptop Screen Repair

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Cadishead Computers are one of Manchester’s top Laptop Screen Repair Companies.

Have you dropped your laptop, notebook or netbook by accident or do you have a cracked laptop screen?

Do not panic as we can fit a brand new screen while you wait in 15 minutes or less at our Manchester store.

We also give you 3 Months Warranty for peace of mind.

Damaging laptop screens can be extremely frustrating because often a seemingly innocuous knock or minor damage can render a screen absolutely useless.

There can be many different issues which cause problems with laptop screens. Some issues can be resolved without the cost of replacing the screen.

It is important to make a proper diagnosis of the issue at hand, before taking the decision as to either repair or replace your faulty laptop screen.

 laptop screen repair manchester



Our standard fitting fee is £25 + the price of the screen only.

For example if the laptop is a Acer Aspire 5542 at £49.06 then the total price for the replacement service will be £49.06 + £25.

Cracked Laptop Screen Repair service from Cadishead Computers

Common Laptop Screen Problems We Can Fix

Laptop display is dim during or after startup or boot

Continuous flickering of the screen

Backlight and inverter problems

No video issues

Cracked liquid crystal display (LCD)

Broken LCD panel

Splotched sections

Black splotches cutting through screen (bleeding or leaking LCD)

LCD around edges is discoloured (liquid spill into the LCD)

When is The Right Time To Replace a Screen in your laptop?

The two most common reasons which require the replacement of the display screen on your laptop are if the screen has a visible crack or when the screen is displaying vertical or horizontal lines that should not be showing.

If your laptop screen is dimmer than normal, it is most likely that the issue is with the inverter and not with the laptop screen itself.  We can also repair this fault.

Remember Cadishead Computers offers a superb Cracked Laptop Screen Repair service for Manchester and throughout the UK using our courier service.

Prices from only £67.00!!

We can also arrange a courier service, to collect your laptop from your premises, or home, effect the repair and then courier it back to you once repaired.

Courier costs are from £12.00 each way.

Phone us NOW for a free quote!.
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