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Computer Support Services – IT Support Manchester.  Monitored Workstations


Optimum Subscription Services

Whether you are looking for Computer Support and Services, or a Virtual IT Department, we have a Optimum service to suit your needs. Optimum is  the Monitored Workstations division of Cadishead Computers, who are based in Manchester providing Monitored Computer Support Services to businesses in the Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

Computer Support Services, for Residential Clients, and Small Business Owners

If you don’t have any IT staff consider Cadishead Computers and Optimum to be your virtual IT department, dealing with computer issues as they happen, real time. No business is too small to benefit from Optimum: we manage systems from 1 laptop computer upwards to companies with hundreds of computers. Optimum is a Remote Systems Management Solution, delivered as a monthly subscription service. We take care of everything from:-

  • Ensuring that your computers have the latest patches
  • Anti-virus is up to date
  • Disks are de-fragmented
  • Configuring new applications
  • Ensuring data is backed up properly
  • Data is restored when required

In fact we go way beyond just fixing things and do everything that your own IT department would do, we become your Virtual IT Department. We carry out the ‘day to day’ management tasks that often get forgotten, in addition to the monitoring of your systems. You will receive a regular report on the work we have completed, so you can see what we have done in addition to receiving the improved performance and stability of your computers. We don’t just stop at computer management, we also ensure that your systems are legally compliant and are helping the business to grow. So if you want more than just support then Contact Cadishead Computers today and see what we can do for your business.

Monthly Subscription

Don’t forget that with our monthly Subscription Service there are no additional charges for:

  • Restoring Data
  • Adding Users
  • Logging calls
  • etc

We offer 3 x distinctive plans for your computers.

Optimum Essentials – Monitored Workstations

24/7 Computer Health Monitoring

  • Drive space change check – alerts us to any problems which are causing your hard drive to be consumed at an alarming rate.
  • Disk health check – Alerts us to any problems with a failing hard drive.
  • Antivirus update check – Ensures you have the latest definitions.

We look after your Anti Virus Program

  • We will install our favoured Anti Virus program (If you have a free one, we will remove it, and install our paid for alternative.
  • Configure every aspect of the Antivirus  program including scan schedules, remediation action (i.e. what to do if a threat is discovered) and file and folder exclusions
  • Receive alerts if a threat is quarantined and choose to delete or release from quarantine
  • Start, pause, resume and cancel scans

Windows Patch Management

  • Ensures that your windows operating system is completely up to date with the latest security patches.

3rd Party Patch Management

  • We update all your 3rd party programs, e.g Java, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Shockwave, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat, Skype, Dropbox,   I tunes etc.

Automated Weekly Maintenance using our Optimum Prime Program

  • Deleting Temp Files…
  • Cleaning up Internet Explorer
  • Checking Time Zone
  • Defrag hard drive
  • A host of other features.

Cryptolocker Immunisation  – Prevents your computer from being infected with the Cryptolocker Virus

30 Minutes remote support – Should this be required during any month.  (This is NOT rolled over to the following month).

10% Discount off any additional labour

Optimum  Standard Plan – Monitored Workstations

Above plus–

2 free Virus Removals a year

1 System reload pr year

1 Hour Remote support – Should this be required during any month.  (This is NOT rolled over to the following month)

20% Discount off any additional labour.

Optimum Enhanced – Monitored Workstations

Above plus Unlimited Virus removals (terms apply) Unlimited Remote Support.

30% Discount off any additional labour. The benefits to you are

  • Knowing your computers are being looked after (depending on which service level you choose) downtime will be reduced, performance enhanced, and potential risks highlighted.
  • We can set up a daily automated delivery report by email each morning (before you even get into work) to show your computers are in good working order – or –
  • By spotting small issues early, we can help you prevent the small issues becoming major problems later.  Example being our monitoring check may flag that your hard drive is failing.  We could immediately effect a backup of your data, and install a replacement drive for you.

With prices from only £9.99 pr machine per month.

Contact us now to see how we can assist both you, and your computer.

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